Snoopy Stamp Unveiling, May 2001 Photos - Contents
by Scott McGuire (smcguire at scottmcguire dot com)
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On May 17, 2001 the United States Postal Office held a ceremony at the Redwood Empire Ice Arena in Santa Rosa, CA to unveil the new Snoopy stamp. I was in California for a business conference already, so fortunately I was able to attend! In addition to the photos below, you can read a summary of my day at the ceremony.

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Page 1- In line for stamps

Page 2 - US Postal Service VP John Wargo & Snoopy

Page 3 - Snoopy marches in

Page 4 - Snoopy salutes

Page 5 - Awaiting the unveiling

Page 6 - The stamp unveiled

Page 7 - The Peanuts gang with the stamp

Page 8 - Scott & the stamp

Page 9 - Snoopy skating

Page 10 - Scott & Snoopy

Page 11 - Dancing the Hokey Pokey

Page 12 - Gift Shop display

Page 13a - Charlie Brown and Snoopy Statue with friends

Page 13b - Charlie Brown and Snoopy Statue closer up

Page 14 - First Day Cachet

Page 15- Stamp Unveiling Program, Front

Page 16 - Stamp Unveiling Program, Back

Page 17 - Golden Gate Bridge

Stamp ceremony summary & other Peanuts stamp links

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